Watch with Second Hand for Nurses

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Unisex watches for Nurses

You surely might have observed a nurse looking carefully at the watch as if tracking something. Well, watches for nurses are accessories that go beyond the basic function of timekeeping. The use watches with seconds hand to monitor the patient’s vitals like temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Not only do they rely on watches to know the current health status of a patient, but they also become aware of potential health complications, if there are any. Most people today find keeping watches irrelevant as digital watches on their smartphones suffices for them. But, that’s not pragmatic in the nurse’s practice.

Often scenarios arise in clinics and hospitals where medical staff, including nurses, are not allowed to use their mobile phones. Thus, what comes in handy in such situations? Watch with a second hand for nurses!

Get a Watch with Second Hand for Nurses

You can’t highlight enough how important watches with second are for nurses. Starting from backtracking heart rate and pulse rate, among many other things, they rely on watches in clinics and hospitals. Thus, when purchasing this item, you need to take care of several things like durability, quality, and reliability. The watch for nurses should work on batteries. Else, it might betray you in the midst of an activity, and then unfortunate occurrences can happen. It’s a matter of life and death. Every second counts! So, get a reliable watch that serves you till eternity!

Another factor you need to regard when buying a watch with a second hand for nurses is water resistance. Remember, nurses need to wash and sanitize their hands often. So, make sure the watch doesn’t stop functioning as soon as water falls on it accidentally. Furthermore, hands usually get stained in the job of a nurse. And the chances are that your watch may also get stained at some odd event. Thus, choose a watch that can be cleaned and wiped easily, thus, helping you to maintain hygiene.

Finally, look for a design that not only looks chic but enhances your professional appearance as well.

Why choose Nurse Mates?

Nurse Mates offers a marvelous range of watches with a second hand for nurses. You can choose from different colors, sizes, designs, and styles. Go for a black with a leopard print strap or a simple white boasting elegance. What about a delicate yet smart pink link watch? There’s an incredible variety available. Pick the one that matches your taste and personality!