Watch with Second Hand for Nurses

Looking for watches with 12-hour and military time, or the convenient second hand feature? Shop our selection of durable, quality women's and unisex watches for on and off the job.

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Shop Watches for Nurses

Watches are essential tools for nurses, offering more than just a means to check the time. In fast-paced healthcare environments, wearing a reliable and easily accessible watch is crucial for tracking medication schedules, monitoring vital signs, and ensuring timely administration of care. Our nurse watches are designed with durable materials for easy cleaning and often include additional features like pulse rate counters. With the ability to attach securely to uniforms or scrubs, these watches provide nurses with a practical and indispensable tool that enhances efficiency and precision in their workday.

Nurse Mates Nursing Watches

Nurse Mates watches are must-have accessories crafted specifically for healthcare professionals. Featuring an easy-to-read dial with both 12-hour and military time options, these watches ensure accurate timekeeping. The water-resistant construction and durable silicone band not only enhance the longevity of the watch but also offer protection from wet surfaces. With our nursing watches, medical professionals can safely prioritize time management on the job.