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With over 60 years of designing the best possible footwear for medical professionals, we're experts when it comes to comfort, durability and style. Browse our extensive assortment of shoes and discover the Nurse Mates difference.

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Nurse Mates recognizes the demanding nature of the nursing profession, and our range of nursing shoes reflects a commitment to providing healthcare professionals with comfortable shoes that are both functional and stylish. The lace-up styles offer a secure fit, essential for those fast-paced hospital rounds. Our slip-on shoes ensure quick and easy wear, perfect for healthcare workers who need to be on their feet in an instant. Clogs provide a convenient slip-on-and-go solution, balancing comfort with efficiency. Athletic styles, which are inspired by sneakers and tennis shoes, are tailored for those who prefer a sportier look while maintaining the necessary support for long shifts. In every design, here at Nurse Mates, we prioritize comfort, protection, and style because nurses deserve footwear that can keep up with their demanding and impactful work in healthcare.

Features Available in our Medical Shoes

We offer a selection of nursing shoes that are a testament to innovation and functionality. Explore the selection to find proper footwear that meets your needs from a reinforced toe box, heel support, fluid-resistant materials, and more. These shoes are crafted with a combination of essential features to cater to the demanding needs of healthcare professionals. The water-resistant feature ensures protection against spills and accidents, keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout long shifts. Slip-resistant soles provide the necessary traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls in fast-paced healthcare environments. Stain-resistant materials make these shoes easy to clean, maintaining a polished and professional appearance. The inclusion of the Align™ footbed addresses the comfort needs of those on their feet for extended periods, offering excellent arch support and alignment. Additionally, the fluid-resistant toe adds an extra layer of protection, crucial in environments where exposure to bodily fluids is common. Here at Nurse Mates, we understand the challenges faced by healthcare professionals, and these features make our nursing shoes a reliable choice for individuals seeking both all-day comfort and protection.