Nurse Mate Align™ Proper Positioning from the Ground Up Proper Positioning from the Ground Up

Feel the comfort of proper positioning

Spokesperson Dr. Dorothy Kurtz Phelan, D.P.M.
Dr. Dorothy Kurtz Phelan, D.P.M.Podiatric Physician and Surgeon

"I was thrilled when Nurse Mates approached me to be a part of the research and development of ALIGN. Throughout my years of practice in podiatry, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles that my patients experience with heel and foot pain. I’m an advocate for proper foot alignment because it can benefit not only foot health, but overall health as well. Improper foot alignment can cause back issues, knee and hip pain, and muscle and joint fatigue.

I highly recommend Nurse Mates ALIGN footwear for anyone who is concerned with comfort, stability and support, especially those that work on their feet and are on the go throughout the day."

Dorothy Kurtz Phelan



Nurse Mates Align Technology is an innovative ergonomically designed orthotic that helps place the foot in a more optimum position to assist with proper alignment, stability and support.

Built into every Align style, this firm yet flexible orthotic gently stabilizes and supports the arch and heel from the ground up, assisting with the proper alignment of the foot to reduce pressure on tendons and joints.

Feel the comfort of proper positioning.

Featuring Align shoe insole Align shoe insole
  1. Heel Cup
    Cradles heel and improves stability
  2. Firm yet Flexible Materials
    High Density impact foam absorbs shock and supports your arch
  3. Multi-Level Arch
    Helps align foot into a more corrective position
affected joints on full body skeleton

Proper positioning from the ground up.

Your feet play a vital role in your overall heath and
wellbeing. The position of your foot as you walk
and stand every day can directly impact several
other areas of the body, and that’s why the 
stability that comes from proper 
alignment is so important.

Proper alignment can help reduce
the following:

  • Ankle & arch instability
  • Knee & hip pain
  • Posture & back problems
  • Neck & shoulder strain
  • Muscle & joint fatigue
Image of ankle poorly aligned without Align orthotic technology and in good alignment with Align orthotic technology

Align™ Orthotic


Align™ Orthotic

image of affected joints on skeletong full body skeleton


5 components in every shoe
  1. Full-grain, stain-resistant uppers
  2. Moisture-wicking lining
  3. Multi-lateral corrective orthotic with a contoured, stabilizing design and high density, anti-abrasive composition
  4. composite shank
  5. Slip-resistant bottoms

Full-grain, stain-resistant uppers

Moisture-wicking lining

Multi-lateral corrective orthotic with a contoured, stabilizing design and high density, anti-abrasive composition

Stabilizing composite shank

Slip-resistant bottoms

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The firm, built-in Align orthotic most often requires a break-in period, especially for those with fallen arches or other foot problems. We recommend wearing Align for only a few hours each day to start, and gradually working up to all-day wear. Once you are comfortable for a full day, you won’t want to live without them!

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